I made a promise to my late mother than I would share my knowledge and experience. I promised her I would teach others how to take responsibility for their own health, reverse disease, and illness or better still, avoid serious health challenges altogether.

The PERFECT HEALTH HUB is a monthly membership portal packed full of educational and practical health resources, tools and techniques all in in one place to guide you to towards improved health and wellbeing.

Member benefits include:

  • Weekly accountability and Q+A video calls
  • Join a like-minded community
  • Receive discounts off my services including training and retreats
  • Over £2300 coaching value for just £29.99 per month
  • Hundreds of health educational videos,podcasts,links,downloads
Health Management


My unique Perfect 10 VIP Health Mentoring programme blends my business experiences and my health journey and training. Knowing how to look after health, especially if you are in business, is key to managing balance in your life.

  • Without balance you will become ill – guaranteed!
  • When you are ill, you can’t function fully
  • When you can’t function in your role, you will lose your job or even your business